29 Nov

OpenGPT-X x appliedAI conferenz


 Heilbronn and virtual

One year after ChatGP: Where does the German economy stand in the use of generative AI?, with Stefan Wrobel (WG1) and others, organised by OpenGPT-X & appliedAI

29 Nov

Conference on the future of intermodal mobility with the help of data, organized by Mobility Data Space, the Fraunhofer Transport Alliance and Deutsche Bahn

08 Dec

Information event of the Indo-German Science and Technology Centre (IGSTC) on a new funding announcement on AI applications for sustainability

13 Dec

8th European AI Forum



Keynotes and discussions on current issues in the European AI ecosystem, organized by the EAIF

Artificial Intelligence in Germany

Our map shows among other things, where AI is being used, which institutions are conducting research on it and where there are suitable courses of study.

Generative AI - Artificial Intelligence All-Rounder?

What can language models currently achieve, how do they work, what are the challenges? Our explanation film answers these questions.

Practical examples: AI in action

Artificial intelligence has long been suitable for practical use. Find out where and how with the help of our continuously expanding case studies.

Interview: 3 Questions for...

Abtin Rad Global Director Functional Safety, Software and Digitization TÜV SÜD on Safe AI in medicine: What does EU regulation bring?

Scenario: Misuse of AI

Our current application scenario shows how attackers can be prevented from misusing an autonomous vehicle as a weapon in road traffic.

Political strategies for AI

What steps are politicians taking in the face of the disruptive changes heralded by Artificial Intelligence? An overview of the AI strategies of selected countries.


Data protection with AI: Experts call for legal certainty for the use of technical solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make an important contribution to a sustainable economy and society - be it through optimized business processes or products that promise personalized healthcare, safer road traffic or better educational opportunities. At present, however, companies are still reluctant to use AI. The frequently cited reason is that the data protection hurdles appear to be too high. A current white paper from Plattform Lernende Systeme shows technical approaches that ensure privacy and data protection in the development and use of AI systems. The authors call for legal recognition of the procedures in order to strengthen legal certainty for companies using AI.

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Best practice: AI in action