AI map of Plattform Lernende Systeme: Intelligent assistance systems lead the way in applications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next stage of digitalization and can support humans as an effective tool. In numerous industries, AI-based applications are already in use or are at an advanced project stage. The continuously expanded AI map of Plattform Lernende Systeme shows how diverse the application fields of self-learning software systems are and what added value they promise. More than 1,000 AI applications from Germany are now listed there.

The spectrum of applications is broad, ranging from learning chatbots in customer service and intelligent condition monitoring of machines to AI assistance systems in healthcare or mobility. More than half of the applications listed on the AI map are based on data management and analysis, and over a third of the applications use image recognition. AI is currently used in particular in the form of intelligent assistance systems, as software for predicting events (predictive analytics) and for automating processes. Other important fields of application for self-learning systems are sensor technology, quality control, and knowledge and resource management. The focus of value creation is particularly on research and development, followed by production and service/customer service.

Diverse AI solutions for all industries

AI systems are being used or tested in a wide variety of industries - first and foremost in healthcare and manufacturing. There are also numerous applications in mobility and logistics, as well as in the energy and environmental sectors. Many AI solutions can be used across industries, as they support organizational processes, for example. Most of the applications registered on the AI map come from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, followed by North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin.

Making visible where AI can support

"Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool for generating added value from data," says Johannes Winter, head of the Plattform Lernende Systeme office. "Today, AI-based systems are already optimizing industrial processes, improving services, accelerating medical research, saving natural resources and supporting employees in their work. With our AI map, we want to make the diversity of current AI solutions in Germany visible - and thus support the transfer of this technology into application."

In particular, the AI map provides small and medium-sized enterprises that have not yet dealt with Artificial Intelligence with an insight into the wide range of possible applications. Plattform Lernende Systeme shows what contribution AI can make to sustainable development on a separate sustainability action map. This currently lists more than 150 applications.

Further expertise on AI in Germany

Making AI visible in Germany - with this understanding, Plattform Lernende Systeme bundles further helpful information on the future technology AI on its AI map under the following headings:

  • Category research institutions: Where is research being conducted in Germany on which AI topics?
  • Category strategy and transfer: What strategies and measures are the federal states pursuing to promote AI? Where can companies find free support for the introduction of AI?
  • Category study programs: Which study programs in data science and AI are available at German universities?

The AI map of Plattform Lernende Systeme makes it internationally visible where AI technologies are already in use or being tested in Germany. Using a filter function, over 1,000 AI solutions can currently be selected in the interactive map according to field of application and value-added activity, AI technology used as well as company size, industry and region. Detailed reports on selected case studies can be found in the "Applications in focus" section. The AI map is constantly being expanded and is also available in an English version. AI applications from Germany that are not yet represented on the map can be entered for inclusion via an online questionnaire.

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Graphics showing the distribution of AI applications in Germany across fields of application, sectors and federal states are available for download.

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